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Cyclo Blog Post 2

Welcome to the November 30th, 2022, Cyclo post or the 2nd Cyclo post! Farming progress and changes to the shop will be discussed here.

The Farming Progress

Currently the misting system in our tower is not functioning properly. Therefore, these plants will have to stay put in little garden bed for the time being.

Growth for the small potted plants is slow but promising. There is not much to say about these.

The Bok Choy however has been very promising for their growth has been at an astonishing rate compared to the other plants like lettuce and mustard.

The New Lettuce

With many different types of plants growing at the same time, we made the decision to focus on one plant (Lettuce) for now. Previously in our earlier experiments, the majority of our plants grew except the lettuce. This is due to two things:

  • The pH was incorrect for lettuce at 7.

  • the EC (Electrical Conductivity) was also incorrect at 1.2.

I have seen conflicting information about the correct pH and EC for Lettuce. I picked an average to aim for which turned out to be a pH of 5.9 and an EC of 1.0.

By the end of the first week, the seeds have gotten physically bigger, and some started to open up and root. This was a good sign, but it wasn't meant to last. There are a few reasons, but the seeds have begun to develop a white fuzz around them. The sign of mold.

In the picture above the fuzzy mold have completely covered the opening. Reasons for this happening is a result of the humidity being too high, overwatering, or both. White fuzz on a plant isn't a death sentence I believe but appears to be a warning sign that the seeds are receiving too much water.

If this problem persists, then the need to start over and course correct is in order.

New Product Variant (Shiitake Mushrooms)

During our farmers market on November 4th. A customer was interested in our Shiitake Mushrooms. However, didn't go through with the purpose being that the product was too "intimidating". This is understandable for we only had one size (20oz) variant which is a large bag. So, we decided to create a smaller version in the form of the 2oz Shiitake Mushroom.

The smaller version will be sold for $4 a bag.

Product Halt

Though temporary it's unfortunate for us to say that due to the cold and possible shortage, we are halting the Jalapeno Jerky for the rest of the winter season. This is only temporary.

Not too much happened the past two weeks. But this upcoming Friday (December 2nd, 2022) will be the date of our next farmer's market on South 2nd St. Richmond, Tx! Thank you for reading and see you there!


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