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Cyclo Post 4: Surveying the Land

This blog post will primarily talk about the land that will soon hold Cyclo's eventual farm.

The Land

Our goal with starting this farming venture is bring Asian herbs and produce into markets where they are not normally sold in.

A small 1- & 1/4-acre land located in Rosenberg Tx will soon serve as Cyclo's farming land. However, we have found it unkempt, overgrown, and filled with bugs.

In the picture above, what surrounds the unkempt grass and trees are fences with snipped barbed wires with 2 broken gates both only held together by bungie cords. Accompanying this area is what seems to be an unrelenting scourge by bugs such as ants, gnats, and worst of all lots of large and small mosquitoes. It was a mistake to come here without wearing long sleeves and spraying mosquito repellent.

Traversing through this area was difficult due to the grass being knee-high and in some areas the weeds have grown up to my chest. There are some large dead trees on the property however but will most likely stay if not necessary.

(Aerial Drone Footage)

(Aerial drone photo 1)

(Aerial drone photo 2)

The two aerial drone photos you see above are two possible areas for our hoop house. A hoop house is a semi-circle with its flat side laying on the ground and acts as a green house. When finished installing them, we hope to then place rows of aeroponic towers inside that can grow a variety of Asian herbs.

The Misting Tower

Inside the hoop houses are going to be rows of this aeroponic tower. We have shown pictures and how the aeroponic tower works in a previous blog. Finally, as of 2 days ago we were able to get the misting system to function and is working as intended. We installed three light panels in a triangle formation around the tower for equal coverage.

There is still much to learn before being able to farm with these aeroponic towers but we are confident that with time we will get it right.

Thank you,


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