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Cyclo Post 5: Great Progress!

Happy New Year to everyone! A lot has happened since the last post which will be covered here.

The Land

(Aerial Drone footage of the mowed land)

Since Christmas, the Cyclo family has been hard at work mowing, raking, and cleaning the overgrown and unkempt land. Now we are one step closer to installing a greenhouse! In the video, you can see that most of the tall grass has been removed. Whilst removing, many birds flew down and began to feast on the now exposed bugs and grubs. The removal has also revealed many fire-ant piles that needed to be disposed of.

(Photo before mowing)

(Photo after mowing)

Since taking these photos, we have done further raking and cleaning as well.

(Photo before mowing)

(Photo after mowing)

In this photo, this section of the land will be the designated spot we have chosen for our greenhouse. The corners of the greenhouse are marked be little sticks and stumps if you look close enough. The dimensions measure to 24x48 feet. This is the initial plan but may be subject to change.

The best way we got rid of the dead branches and grass were to simply burn it instead of stuffing them in trash bags for the trash truck to pick up. If it rained however, burning would prove to be difficult.

The Farm

We are shifting focus to lettuce growing.

We have shifted focus to growing lettuce mainly to understand the process of growing from seed to maturity. We've found lettuce to be a simple enough herb to experiment with.

The picture above is week 3 of growing the lettuce. The freezing weather that happened around the time of germination stunted the seeds growth by about a week.

Another thing we began to take considerable notice is the pH and EC (Electrical Conductivity). As a starting point, the pH for the lettuce will be 6.5 while the EC will be 1.2-1.4. So far, the growth has been steady though rather slow.

The is the end of this short blog post. More progress is being done and will be shown on the next blog post. We hope you all have a good day and stay safe!

Timmy Tran.

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