Spoil your "best friend".  Cyclo Food Company 100% natural single-ingredient Beef Tendon Gummy Chews goes through a process of manual preparation and lengthy dehydration to produce a not-too-tough-not-to-soft consistency that your pup will LOVE!  

Beef Tendon Gummy Chews

  • Beef tendon is packed with protein, barely 0.5% fat, and zero carbohydrates. At ~35g protein per 100g tendon, each 4oz bag of Cyclo Food Company Dehyrdated Beef Tendon Gummy Chews is packed with over 132g of protein for that loving companion of yours.  The collagen of beef tendon helps promote muscle and bone activity.  We do not add any other ingredients, spices, or preservatives.  100% beef tendon guaranteed.