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A family recipe and technique producing the best hand-mixed and bottled premium authentic Vietnamese nước chấm.  No artificial preservatives. No vinegar. No messin' around.   Get the "Best Viet Dip in Texas" delivered to your door.

CYCLO Sauce - 16 oz easy-pour bottle

SKU: 0004
16 Ounces
  • Dip into the most popular sauce in Vietnamese cuisine, "nước chấm." CYCLO's Premium Vietnamese Cham Sauce explodes with flavors, perfectly blending the 5 S's (sweet, sour, salty, savory, and spicy) to compliment your meal. The most common use of nước chấm is for dipping delicacies such as eggrolls, lettuce wraps, and spring rolls. However, it is also frequently used as a dressing over salads, white rice, and vermicelli bowls. One creative chef made an out-of-this-world ramen bowl with fresh vegetables sauteed with Cyclo sauce!

    All CYCLO sauces are hand-mixed, taste-tested for deliciousness, and bottled in small batches. We invite you to open your buds to what will likely become a permanent fixture in your pantry.

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