Cyclo Fiery Jalapeno beef jerky blends a Texas-favorite tongue-tingling flavor with Cyclo's unique Asian umami wholesomeness to your tastebuds.  Don't be fooled when you first bite into this savory jerky, because the heat gradually sneaks up on you let's you know exactly why we've dubbed it FIERY!  Enjoy! 

Fiery Jalapeno Beef "Pocket" Jerky

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  • Every step in the Cyclo Food Company jerky-making process is done by the hands of the father/son duo, from cutting and cleaning of each slice of beef to carefully packaging and labeling each bag for delivery. Variations in shape and thickness is due to individual hand-cuts, but rest assured that every bite is flavorful and delicious.

  • As a new small business, we understand that your satisfaction is critical to our survival and success.  If you are not completely happy with our product(s), please let us know how we can make it right.  You can reach either of us at