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about our products

"Our Chinese/Korean family, myself,my husband and mother in law who happened to be baby sittting today loved the jerky. Perfect amount of salt, plenty of umami."

~ Lillian H.

"We have a winner! My only complaint is this bag is gone. Make more!! 😜"

~ Huy T.

"Damn! That sweet chili is right on!"

~ Eric G.

"Yum! Your Jerky is amazing! Please let me know when you make another batch like this one (love the sweet heat)."

~ Aliza M.

"I’ve had other bottled nuoc cham sauces but they were very thick, syrupy, and artificial. This is the real deal! It tastes just like a homemade version! I’ll definitely be purchasing again."

~ Theresa G.

"I love the nuoc cham! I’ve never been able to get the measurements right to make this myself. This sauce is the perfect compliment to my favorite Vietnamese dishes!"

~ Quyen K.

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