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Hi!  Not to disappoint you, but there isn't any exotic story about an unsuccessful search for great Vietnamese fare that made me decide to show the world what it was missing.  On the contrary, there are wonderful eats at every corner of my hometown of Houston, Texas!  If you haven't been, you're missing out!


The creation Cyclo Food Company was an accident.  Honestly.  It started out as a challenge for Timmy (my son), who was finishing his studies as a digital media major, to create a brand for Loan's (my wife) kickass nuoc cham sauce.  He developed Cyclo Sauce Company and the logo you see above. Having too much fun to stop, we iterated through many bottle shapes and sizes and began packaging the sauce to give out to neighbors. Seeing how successful it was, we expanded into food products like jerky, frozen eggrolls, and freshly-rolled spring rolls, each time giving out high-quality packaged products to friends and neighbors to try.  Cyclo products turned out to be a "mini" hit and most importantly, a fun way to bond and continue Timmy's learning.


Since we were no longer just a sauce company, we settled on Cyclo Food Company.  While our story isn't one of just our passion for great Vietnamese food and culture, it was born from love of parents and the hope of new beginnings.  The End.    

Original Sauce Bottle
Timmy co-founder of Cyclo Food Company
Timmy Hieu Tran 2021
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